Monday, January 11, 2016

2016...A New Beginning

2016 is now here..leaving behind a quite challenging 2015. I don't know about yours, but I had a fair share of mine. The best thing happened to us in 2015 was the birth of our third child Imaan Amalyn. Everyone in my family adores her so much & she is such an easy baby. She loves to smile a lot especially to her big brother. Kakak also loves her baby sister, but sometimes we can see that she's quite jealous of her, maybe she is used to everyone's attention on her before.

2015 had also witnessed the mass retrenchment of MAS employees. There were rumors flooding the FB newsfeed. Some were ridiculous & the best part was, it sounded like outsiders knew more than the insiders. What were their intention spreading the rumors? They didn't sound like they care, they were not in our shoes.

I still remember the days we were patiently waiting for the letter to reach our home. Nothing could describe our feelings. When the day finally arrived, I received a text from Mr. Hubby, 'sorry mummy...I didn't make it'. I was in the office car coming back from a meeting together with my bosses, my tears pours like nobody business there and then. When we reached the office, i cried my heart out in the toilet. Not because i'm worried about our financial, i cried because i'm worried about my husband. I do not want him to feel down.When I reached home that day, I tried to act normal. Really hope that I would never breakdown in front of him. I know I have to be strong for him, no matter what happened, we were in this together.

When adik was born, Mr. Hubby was still struggling to find jobs, despite so many competitors, he managed to get a job with an air cargo company. Alhamdulillah...he was jobless for only 2 weeks. It was adik's rezeki maybe.

Then, it was adjusting  period for us. No more free tickets & less overseas holidays for us. But its ok, we'll be fine ;-) . After a few months, we have already adjusted & prepared for the coming years. We learned that we could never be too comfortable at one particular place, so, we drafted our long term plan. My husband went to get EASA license so that he could apply for overseas job. As this is a long term plan, we didn't see this coming in these few years, but, we could only plan...still He knows best.

3 weeks ago, my husband received a job offer from a middle east airline company. And that has totally changed our plan! Everything was so sudden that we need to rearrange so many things we have already put in order. This 2016 will open a new chapter in our lives. I always believed that Allah always heard what's in our heart and now I believe it more.

Maybe after this, I will be updating this blog somewhere else. InsyaAllah...

Till we meet again.

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