Sunday, May 31, 2015

After the long hiatus

Salam & good day dear blog...

When laziness strikes, all you wanted to do just lie down & be a couch potato. Well, at least it was me. Since my last post (which is in Syawal last year & now Ramadhan is coming - phew...almost a year), a lot of things happened. Let just talk about the good ones ya.

Last year, we had a short trip to Melbourne, Australia. It was a fun trip, but Melbourne is a very expensive city (at least to me). Our expenses for 7 days in Melbourne is so much the same as our 11 days trip to London & Paris (which i got to do a lot more shopping!!). However, the kids still enjoyed playing in the parks, visiting the zoo, playing mini putt in Phillip Island, feeding the pelicans and so on. With small kids, our itenary will always prioritize them. Well, mummy still got to do some shopping though ;-). Maybe we had enough of Aussie for the time being. We missed London anyway...hope for another trip next year...insyaAllah.

Reminiscing London, I don't remember when or where, but it was a few weeks back. When Izzat was coming out of the car, suddenly he mentioned...hmm...smells like London...hahaha..we just laughed & asked him back, do you really remember the smell of London? Poyo jer...macam la duduk kat London tu bertahun-tahun. Mr. Hubby also mentioned about things he wanted to find there, so, I'll take that as a sign. Harap ada la rezeki.

Well, enough of London 'bebelness'. Let us continue, after coming back from Melbourne, I had to go for an official trip to Europe - 5 countries to hop in hop off in less than 10 days. Throughout the trip, I did not feel well. The smell of the air really annoyed me. I was homesick all the time...can't wait to go back to my family. Finally, the day came, it was the day of Izzat's performance for his kindy. My parents came to pick me up at the airport & straight we went to the performance hall. As I don't feel good since on the flight, I asked Mr. Hubby to stop by any pharmacy around. I suspected that I was pregnant as I was supposed to have my period during the Europe trip, but, Ms. P did not turn up. After purchasing the pregnancy test kit, straight we went back to my parents' house. And there you go...the double line showed up...clearly.

And as I am updating this blog now, I'm approaching my 34th week of pregnancy. Exhausted, heavy, could not stand long even to cook. Sometimes I pity Izzat & Amani as I could not really attend to them. To be honest, we're all tired of outside food & missed home cooking so badly. But, for only 1 time of cooking, I'll get foot ache for at least 2 days, well, I still drive to work everyday, sometimes even carried Amani to the bathroom whenever she refused to walk for the early morning bath. This time, it's really a challenging pregnancy. I hope this coming Ramadhan will give me strength to cook, as we planned to train Izzat fasting.

Till I don't know when...tata ;-)

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