Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Yearly Update

Wow! A year has literally gone...-sigh-...basically i have been so lazy in updating blogs. Maybe too busy attending to a lot of things. 2016 has been a busy yeat for me, having to handle the household on my own was's life right? You can't be living a comfort life forever, there would be ups & downs 😊.

Anyway, this year i am opening a new chapter of life. The one that i was dreaming about, but, i'm not sure on how should i feel about it. Quite nervous as i'm going to live a stay-at-home-mom's life! Pursuing my passion in sewing & cooking,  to homeschool akak until new semester in the new country we're moving to (abang will go to school in the middle of the semester as he is already in primary 2)
 And adik will be the lucky one as she can stay with mummy until kindy! Yeay!!

Well...wish me luck 😊

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