Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hope...dream...and a new found friend

You guys know how much I anticipate to quit my job (becoming tougher since hearing rumors about 2+2 bonuses this year ;-p ) right? Most of the time, I have been dreaming about this business i'm going to set up and grow with it through out my whole life. Something I could sustained for my children, something that could offer me financial & time freedom. But, everyday I woke up from bed...dreaming...dream...hope...dream...
hope. Full stop.

I have tonnes of ideas in my head, but not brave enough to start. Starting with questioning myself about this and that. What ifs. How? Can it be done? Ecetera...ecetera...until one day...I met a new

Yes...a new found It is just less than a month I started knowing her. With her spirit & positiveness I learn something (I know this sounds cliche, but, it is the truth). I have never look at somebody and feel ashamed about myself like I look at this girl. With a child in one hand, she managed to pull up her business & now it is a success.

This same girl came out with an idea to make my dreams come true. Believe it or not, today is the 8th day since we discussed the idea & she has done so much to make things move. Her spirit has made me move faster (though I still could not catch up with her). I must run! I must not let her down! I must not let people who has engaged with us down!

This business is about helping others. First few months focus is not to make profits, but to introduce ourselves to the country (to the world someday...insyaAllah). To brand & market ourselves together with our friends who are in his together. To show ways to the homemakers (with crafty skills) out there on how can they grow. far as we're moving now, the path is quite smooth..but as she said to me...there will be hiccups a long the way...may we be blessed...amiin...

To all parents out there...expect a new phenomenon for your passion soon! We're excited about it! And so must you!

p/s : I am taking my readers seriously from now on...all of're not going to regret following this blog (if you're!)



  1. mcm menarik apa y awk cuba ushakan..
    apa2 pon sy doakan moga ianya bjln lancar n sukses..

    1. Salam Lya...semoga segera sembuh...selalu juga jenguk blog lya bila ada updates...satu-satu musibah melanda...berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu memikul..insyaAllah...lya kuat...kalau saya kat tempat lya tak tahu la mcamana...
      Subhanallah...thank you for the wish...can't wait for the project to be launched. :-)