Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Unconditional love

Coming home to see these cute little faces has always been great. These 2 little people love each other's company very much. I really hope that they will grow & love their bond forever. Seeing them playing, laughing & share everything together always makes me smile. Now that adik talks so much, the conversation becoming more interesting. Sometimes abang asked for adik's opinion upon constructing a lego structure & adik will answer ... haa, ya..ya..! So funny!

Mr. Hubby loves to call adik chipmunk as adik sounds like one. But, since we seldom let them watched TV (except for Disney Junior sometimes), she has no clue what chipmunk is!

Abang, being a responsible brother could now be relied on to take care of his adik. He can help adik put on her pants, hold the cup when adik wants to drink, get something in the fridge for adik. Though adik is a little bit tough, abang still can handle her.

Abang & adik, mummy & papa hope that you will always be there for your family. Be a strong man, faithful to Allah & responsible in every way you are going to be directed to. Your journey is still far beyond...may Allah S.W.T. blessed you all the way...amin..

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