Sunday, March 14, 2010

Part 1 : A trip to the zoo!

Izzat is turning 9 months old this month (26/9 to be exact). This chubby little boy of mine is becoming more cheeky & funny. Dah pandai macam2, latest talent nenek ajar izzat 'terbang' macam burung. Whenever we say 'izzat, burung macamana? burung kakak tua (in tunes)', he will move his two chubby hands like flying, it was his immediate respons whenever he heard the magic word 'burung kakak tua' cute...

Ok, back to our trip to the zoo. I was craving to visit the zoo since i was 3 months pregnant. BUt then, the elders advise me not to because they do not want me to 'terkenan' with any of the hideous animals in the zoo. I really thought that is soooo superstitious. But then, i still listen to them takut nanti jadi pape dipersalahkan pulak ye tak?

And now, izzat has turned 8 months plus & he reacted towards a lot of things around him. I decided that it is time to show him the world (chewah, macam la tak pernah tengok dunia anak aku ni). I told my husband on saturday that i wanted to go to the zoo on sunday. lagi pun, dah lama tak jalan2 satu family. My husband said ok! Bestnyer!! When we went to JUSCO equine park (ala...depan rumah je) that evening (to find a hand pump to pump izzat punya pelampung yang i beli kat toys'r'us on friday, excited nak bawak izzat mandi pool sebenarnya, sejak2 duduk apartment tu, sekali pun tak pernah jejak pool, nanti dah nak pindah rugi pulak rasa tak gunakan kemudahan yang disediakan), we saw something interesting going on at the centre stage. Rupa-rupanya, ada promotion Zoo Negara!!! Beli 1 tiket, percuma 1 t-shirt! Memang rezeki kami la agaknya (or maybe more to izzat's rezeki tak?). tanpa membuang masa, kami beli 3 tiket! (as my brother in law is coming to our house, we're going to bring him along).

Seronok nya!!! Off to the zoo we go!!!

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